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We practice in a holistic manner, but also believe in the science of appropriate testing. We utilize testing in the form of blood analysis, urine analysis, saliva analysis, and other means of data to give us objective information of your current state of health. We then use these same tests to measure for positive functional changes that your body is making, as you make changes to your health.

We do not claim to diagnose or treat any specific disease, nor do we offer any cure. It is our opinion that no doctor or medication can cure the body. Although, doctors, medication, and surgery are helpful to a person’s restoration of health, healing is the responsibility of your own body.

Therefore, we offer advice in the form of consultations, teaching and counseling on health, prayer (if requested), as well as using specific nutriceutical protocols, and gentle soft tissue mobilization techniques to help the body do what the body was designed to do…heal itself.

We do not accept every potential patient. We strictly limit out practice to active members of the Member Share Network of the Pastoral Medical Association. There is no cost to belong, and you can click here to join.

If you are currently on prescription medication, please do not make any changes to the taking of your medications, without first consulting with your prescribing doctor. It is not within our scope of practice to advise you on making changes to your medication. It is the responsibility of your prescribing doctor to make those changes, and to help you move toward becoming as drug-free as possible, if that is what you choose.

We are part of the Pastoral Medical Association and the Member Share Network

The Pastoral Medical Association is a private ecclesiastical membership association and all information on this website is intended for members or those interested in membership only.  Services through the Association and its practitioner level members are not available to the general public and individuals interested in membership should go to www.pmai.us/forthepublic for additional information.  Any products or services mentioned on this website have likely not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are based on scriptural natural health concepts.

Doctor Geoffrey Skelton PSc.D.  - Pastoral Medical Association
Doctor Geoffrey Skelton PSc.D. – Pastoral Medical Association

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